Ginger (Botanically Genus Zingibre, Zingibre Officinale) is single-leafed plant which has naturally spontaneous properties in terms of medicinal, herbal, or spicy uses.

Ginger plant is with a stem above and under the ground and is called rhizome or root and herein represented by gingerroot with the round, flat, solid shape grown into a combination of connected joints. The pulp of the gingerroot is either white or slight yellow. Gingerroots or actually the stems grow horizontally on the ground like fingers of a hand. The first gingerroot “mother gingerroot” grows and extends into others gingerroot one after another. The stem which remains above the ground, “pseudostem” is comprised of many overlapping leafbases in many layers. Leaves are divided into 2 separate rows. The leafbase (thin layer of stem) which is lean and sharp extends to cover the trunk. The rim of the leave is smooth and with a span about 2 cm. The stem of the flowers extends about 20 cm long. The flowers is with a green-red covering overlapping leaf-layer of green-red. The covering overlapping layer is firmly close when the flowers are still young and shall boom when it’s mature. Ginger flowers are a mixture of yellowish-green colors.

Ginger grown in Thailand are separated into two main categories as following:
1) Large Ginger (herbaceous ginger or white ginger) This is the type of ginger which has a large gingerroot. Joints are longer and not rough, and is scarcely with fibrous pulp. Its taste is less spicy and most importantly underneath the skin after peeling off or skinning the cover the pulp is colorless or only slightly yellow. New buds are round. The end of the leaves are slightly less sharp than small ginger and the trunks are taller. Large ginger plants are the most suitable for growing to support selling as young ginger products, for pickled ginger or fresh consumption.

2) Small Ginger (spicy ginger). This is the type of ginger which has smaller gingerroots. Joints are shorter and the pulp is rather with fibrous pulp. After pelling or skinning